Ladies and gentleman, meet Jane. Jane is a patient at my Boulder, Colorado dental practice. Her dental case is why I love being a dentist, and more specifically, what I love about cosmetic dentistry. Jane is typical of many patients I see in my practice. When she was a young woman, there were no benefits from preventative dental care, and the advanced dentistry that has become so commonplace today was decades away. As some of us may recall, drinking water, toothpaste, and mouthwash did not contain fluoride. There were no dental sealants, most patients carried no dental insurance, and dental floss did not make it onto many shopping lists at the time.

Nevertheless, Jane worked as hard as she could to keep her teeth and gums healthy over the years. She found the best dentist in Boulder in those days, spent a lot of time in that dentist’s chair, and invested a lot of money into maintaining her oral health. AlthoughMeet-Jane-Before-Smile-Makeover1 she kept her mouth relatively healthy back then, and continues to do so today, something was missing which prompted her to first visit my comprehensive dentistry office. She simply wasn’t happy with the way her smile looked. If we take a look at her series of “before and after” pictures, you will notice that she had a lot of old technology crowns (caps) which show as black markings along her gumline. Over time, her untreated teeth showed obvious signs of being mismatched. She was also presented with stained fillings, and crooked, worn down teeth.

Jane first came into my dental office for the treatment of a perceived bite problem. In order to correct her bite, I found it was necessary to first change the alignment of her front teeth with a set of new crowns. I treated Jane’s front teeth with 8 all ceramic crowns. The main purpose was to improve and correct the comfort of her jaw and bite. However, as a side benefit of the necessary treatment of the bite, I was also able to give her the beautiful new smile she always wanted. Just take a look at Jane’s after pictures and judge for yourself. The difference is dramatic!

Times have sure changed for Jane, and for all of us. She has a fantastic new smile, and the availability of quality preventative dental Meet-Jane-After-Smile-Makeovercare is commonplace. Floss and fluoride are a part of daily life, and at my practice, I believe that affordable cosmetic dentistry should be a part of your life too. Today’s technology and advanced dentistry does an amazing job of erasing the dental shortcomings of the past.

Contact my Boulder dentist office today, and see how I can put that smile back on your face!

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