Smile Gallery of Before & After Photos

View some of before and after photos of Dr. Chamberlin’s real patients!

Whether it’s teeth whitening to brighten your smile, correcting worn or cracked teeth using porcelain veneers, or replace missing teeth with dental implants, Dr. Chamberlin can transform your smile.

The following before and after photos and case studies are actual patients of Dr. Christopher Chamberlin and represent just a few of the different smile transformations performed at our Boulder office.

Annie’s Before and After Photos

Before and After - Annie

Annie’s treatment

Annie had a very pretty smile even before I met her but it was a little uneven due to the effects of missing a front tooth from birth and losing another front tooth in an accident. Therefore, two of her front teeth had been previously replaced with dental implants. In addition to these issues, her teeth were too small for her face and the gum line and biting edges were uneven.

We treated Annie’s smile with a combination of minor gum surgery and porcelain crowns and veneers. First, the gum line on the two front teeth was raised by a skilled periodontist (Jonathan Boynton DDS). This procedure is called cosmetic crown lengthening or a gum lift. Then I placed new crowns on the two implants and porcelain veneers on the remaining six front teeth.

Annie’s smile looked radiant in the wedding pictures when she married our son Neil, on September 27, 2014!

Judy’s Before and After Photos

Before and After - Judy

Judy’s treatment

Judy felt that her smile was aging her and she wanted to do a complete makeover of her smile. We used a combination of porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns to restore Judy’s bite and smile.

Tony’s Before and After Photos

Before and After - Tony

Tony’s treatment

Tony is an active, healthy 34-year-old tri-athlete. He didn’t feel that his stained front teeth reflected his overall health and vitality. Dr. Chamberlin placed porcelain veneers on his upper 8 front teeth (the lower front teeth were not treated). Notice how relaxed his smile looks in the after pictures. This often occurs when a patient is finally confident about the appearance of their smile. Dr. Chamberlin calls this change “smile therapy”.

Services Performed: Porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns.

“Dr. Chamberlin’s work is first class. The quality and preciseness of my porcelain veneers have exceeded my expectations. They continue to look great four years later.”

Additional Information: Tony and his family are one of Toledo’s most famous names. If you have ever lived in Toledo, or watched the TV show M*A*S*H, you will have heard of Tony Packo’s restaurant. If you are interested in learning more about the Packo’s, or even ordering some of their delicious food, go to and check out their website!

Sandy’s Before and After Photos

Before and After - Sandy

Sandy’s treatment

Sandy had been a patient of Dr. Chamberlin’s for many years. She had never been happy with her crowded, prominent front teeth. Due to a jaw size problem, braces or Invisalign® were not good options. Instead, Sandy chose to have porcelain crowns placed on her front teeth. As you can see in the after picture, Sandy was very pleased with the result, and her smile shows it!

Services Performed: Non-orthodontic tooth alignment.

“I am so happy with my smile now, for years people had asked me why I didn’t smile and I wouldn’t tell them “Because I hate my teeth” but that was how I felt. All that is over now, I smile all the time.”

Ben’s Before and After Photos

Before and After - Ben

Ben’s treatment

At the time of treatment, Ben was a 70 year old patient who needed dental work due to decay in several teeth. In addition he had a fixed bridge on the upper right side that was leaking, resulting in damage to the underlying teeth. Ben decided to improve both his health and his appearance at the same time by having Dr. Chamberlin place fixed crowns on several teeth and replace the fixed bridge. (The “false” tooth on the fixed bridge is the second tooth from the middle on the left as you look at Ben’s after picture). Notice how the teeth were straightened by the crowns and bridge.

Service performed: Crowns and a fixed bridge.

“My experience with, and the work done by Dr. Chamberlin, is the best in the business. I am more than pleased with the final outcome.”

Amy’s Before and After Photos

Before and After - Amy

Amy’s treatment

Amy had always wanted to have braces, but didn’t want to go through wires and brackets on her teeth as an adult. She chose to have lnvisalign® orthodontic therapy to give her the smile she had always wanted. Amy’s treatment took about 13 months and did not require metal wires and brackets. As you can see, the results she achieved were dramatic.

Tara’s Before and After Photos

Before and After - Tara

Tara’s treatment

Tara loved her smile, but was never happy with the color of her teeth. She had tooth whitening done by Dr. Chamberlin. In the close-up after photo, you can see Tara’s smile after whitening her upper teeth prior to whitening her lower teeth. Note the difference it makes in the brightness and vitality of her smile.

Services performed: Tooth whitening and continuous dental care and maintenance.

“Dr. Chamberlin and his staff have always been involved in the most up-to-date dental care methods available. I enjoyed their excellent care for over ten years. I have a beautiful smile to prove it! I would highly recommend him to everyone. His warm, caring, friendly demeanor will long be remembered.”