Students Welcome

We gladly welcome students from any school.

Our office is conveniently located within walking distance of the campuses of both the University of Colorado, and Naropa University. We are also off of most major bus routes in Boulder.

We always make the highest effort to contact the student’s parents to explain any recommended or necessary treatment, options for treatment, and costs before beginning any work. We prefer to stay in contact via phone and email on every step of treatment to prevent any surprises.

“Having survived 8 years of having a student away at school (2 sons, 4 years each) and worrying about where they will get needed medical and dental care, I understand a parent wants a dentist that will communicate with them. I am always happy to speak directly with parents by phone or email to discuss what is best for their child/student.” — Christopher Chamberlin, DDS

University of Colorado, Boulder

Directions from University of Colorado

Naropa University

Directions from Naropa University