Additional Technology

Additional Technology

Digital X-rays to improve our diagnostic capabilities, reduce radiation exposure, and improve our communication with the patient.

Intra-oral cameras in every room. These are cameras which allow us to take magnified pictures of anything that we see in your mouth. We can then show you what we see on a monitor, store the picture for future reference in your chart, or send it to a specialist for evaluation.

Ultrasonic cleaning instruments which add to your comfort by eliminating the scraping of hand instruments as well as doing a better job.

Computers in every room for efficiency and patient education.

Electric handpieces which are quieter and have less vibration than the old style air driven drills.

Noise cancelling headphones and Pandora radio in every room to make your dental experience more enjoyable.

State of the Art instrument sterilization system for your safety.

Automatic appointment reminder system to help you keep track of your appointments despite your busy schedule.